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Hiap Tong Trading Pte. Ltd.

Hiap Tong Trading Pte. Ltd. was the first company set up by Mr. Ong Teck Meng (founder) in 1978. The business focuses on the Trading of equipment within Singapore and subsequently overseas. Today, Hiap Tong is an active and experience equipment trader worldwide.

Our Trading Business

Our Business may be categorized into two broad business divisions, leasing business, and trading business. Our Trading Business engages in the trading of both new and used cranes and haulage equipment in countries such as Japan and Germany, subsequently in regions such as India, Indonesia, the Middle East, and Malaysia. 

We recognize that the requirements for cranes and haulage equipment in the region vary, depending on their intended usage and applicable regulatory requirements. As we trade equipment, we also sell relatively new cranes and haulage equipment within our fleet when the opportunity arises. We would also take into account factors such as the demand and profitability of the potential sales. 

Today, our Group has established its name as a reliable trader and provider. Many of our major customers are repeat customers and most have been with us for more than 10 years. 


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